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Amotekun: Yoruba World Congress Activates Help Desk

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC) has activated a help desk that will collate suggestions, concerns and observations on the Western Nigerian Security Network Initiative tagged “Operation Amotekun”.

In a statement posted on the YWC website and confirmed by Prof. Anthony Kila, Secretary General of the Pan Yoruba Group led by Prof. Banji Akintoye, the congress said this was in a bid to make sure that the operation remains a people-centred and people-owned initiative.

Amotekun is a security network recently established by governors of South-West Nigeria to wage war against insecurity across the region.

“The YWC is calling on people of goodwill and all those that are free from hatred and mischief to express their support and suggestions as well as highlight their concerns or doubts on Amotekun,” the statement said.

Prof. Kila also added that such suggestions, concerns and observations would be channeled to the table of those charged to manage Operation Amotekun across all Yoruba states.

“Individuals and groups are invited to send their messages via the website of the Yoruba World Congress.”

Southwest security outfit, Amotekun

The full statement reads:

“The Western Nigerian Security Network Initiative tagged Operation Amotekun created as means to gather intelligence that will aid the protection of lives, lands and properties in Yorubaland is a civil community force conceived to work as a complimentary effort to that of the Police and other legal and loyal security agencies.

“Amotekun was created by the Yoruba State Governors in obedience to yearnings and demand of Yoruba people and leaders.

“Amotekun is response to security threat and an expression of unity of all peace-loving Yoruba people regardless of political, religious or other socio-economical differences. It is one thing that unites all those that truly care.

“We as a people called for Amotekun and now that we have it, we must treasure it and defend it with all we can. We must make Amotekun work.

“There might be imperfections, concerns or doubts, but as a people oriented and people desired initiative it is our right and duty to let our voice be heard on Amotekun.

“We therefore call on all people of good will and all those that free from hatred and mischief to express their support and suggestions as well as highlight their concerns or doubts on Amotekun.

“We promise to get your thoughts to the right quarters. We also promise to monitor operation Amotekun and to ensure it remains noble, just and fair.

“Please send us your thoughts in the box below [on YWC website] and remember to share with others.”

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