Just In: Headline Inflation Increases In December

The National Bureau of Statistics has released inflation figures for the month of December, 2019 with the headline inflation increasing for another month.

The NBS in official figures dropped on Friday showed the inflation figures moving by over 0.10% from figures released in November.

Inflation figure for December 2019 stood at 11.98% Year on Year, from 11.85% in November. It however reduced on month on month basis from 1.02% in November to 0.85% in December.

Food inflation or sub-index rose from 14.48% in November to 14.67% YoY in December while it reduced from 1.25% in November to 0.97% MoM.

The core sub index or inflation rose from 8.99% in November to 9.33% YoY while it increased marginally on MoM basis from 0.79% to 0.81%.


Rural and Urban indices both increased to 11.41% and 12.62% respectively from 12.47% and 11.30% YoY in November. There was however a reduction of the figures on a month on month basis with the Urban index standing at 0.90% from 1.07% while the Rural index stood at 0.82% from 0.98% in November.

The increase in inflation may be attached to the closure of the border which has helped local productions in the past month, but also requires an increase in local production to boost supply and meet up to demands.



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