Unknown Person Infests Walmart Store With Bedbugs


An unknown person has infested a Walmart store in Pennsylvania with bedbugs, according to the company.

The person was said to have had bedbugs in a bottle in a men’s changing room causing little tension in the store.

A manager of the store saw the bottle containing bedbugs in a boy’s jacket put up for sale, with Police authorities already informed on Thursday.

“We take this seriously and are looking into this,” a Walmart spokesperson told CNN. “We are fully cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation.”


On Friday, an Ecolab confirmed the insects to be bedbugs with another also informing the Police that he saw the insects crawling around the men’s room.

“A third-party pest management service has visited the store and we are working with them to assess next steps,” the Walmart spokesperson said. “In the meantime, we have blocked off the impacted area.”

Bedbugs are small, flattened, parasitic insects. They survive through sucking their hosts’ blood. They hardly transmit diseases but cause swellings and marks on the bodies they suck.

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