‘World War III’ Memes: A ‘Good’ Time To Have A Laugh?

Looks like it’s a really bad time to have a laugh, but the memes coming with the possibilities of World War III are getting ribs cracked.

Tweeps had their hands full on Friday shortly after the killing of one of Iran’s most loved Generals. That’s not a joke.

And these memes look absolutely insensitive but a Twitter account named ‘WWIII Memes’ is out already with its description as ”It’s World War 3 and the only thing saving us is memes.” People always get a comic relief, from whatever situation.


Iranians are strategising and are planning a cyber attack on some of the US’ top ranking sites, and Donald Trump hasn’t stopped speaking, threatening fire and brimstone.

Well, nobody except some persons actually want another World War. Only the impoverished suffer and women and children.

This looks all too serious for the world so Memes look like the perfect fit for the time, but can memes actually save the world? Who thinks it’s a good time ro have a laugh?


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