COVID-19: 4 Persons Arrested In Kwara Night Club Test Positive 

Four out of the 50 people arrested at a night club in Ilorin, Kwara State have tested positive for COVID-19.

The State Technical Committee on COVID-19 had two weeks ago arrested the nightclubbers for violating the state government’s restriction order.

Giving an update, the State Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee on COVID-19, Dr Femi Oladiji, on Wednesday said: “I have been formally informed that four persons have been confirmed to be COVID-19 positive and they have been informed based on the telephone numbers they submitted.”

Oladiji noted that the infected persons had been informed.

He added: “If you are told about your result, it is left for you to come or not, we can’t force you. There are so many people out there that are carriers.

“If we have not gone to arrest them, they would have been going about their normal lives.

“The best thing actually at this stage is preventive measures, the thing is so rampant and at the rate at which it is increasing, we can’t hold anybody down except those that have symptoms.

“If you have symptoms, you have to seek medical attention, if you don’t have symptoms, you will believe nothing is wrong with you.

“On the issue of spreading or not spreading, we emphasise on preventive measures.”

COVID-19: 4 Persons Arrested In Kwara Night Club Test Positive 

Oladiji maintained that the majority of the cases in Kwara were asymptomatic, and such patients were expected to self-isolate in their homes, while those experiencing symptoms can come to isolation centres.

“We have changed our strategy; so it is only when you have symptoms that you can visit us if you don’t have symptoms, you self isolate at home,” Oladiji said.

Speaking on the hazards of ignoring laid down COVID-19 guidelines, he said: “I laugh at some people’s ignorance of the virus when they said that the state is just increasing the numbers to get more money.

“As I speak to you, two people are on danger list and we are praying that they survive.

”Our people should stop being ignorant and believe that COVID-19 is real.”

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