APC Condemns ‘Irresponsible’ Attempt By Edo Govt To Claim Ownership Of Modular Refinery Project

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has berated the Edo State Government for allegedly claiming ownership and credits of the “private-owned” modular refinery project at Ologbo, Edo state.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, Chairman, Edo State APC Media Campaign Council, Prince John Mayaki, described the government’s move as “irresponsible and mischievous.”

He stated that Governor Godwin Obaseki is “falsehood personified,” while accusing him of “broad daylight robbery of projects and initiative.”

Mayaki noted that the Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Company is funded by both foreign businesses and the Federal Government – not the Edo State Government.

The APC campaign spokesman further claimed that Obaseki, candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the forthcoming governorship election, has “achieved nothing for the past four years.”

“As we draw nearer to September 19, the day Edo people will head to the polls to determine the leadership of the state for another four years, it has become glaring to Mr. Godwin Obaseki and his party of tax-collectors that their reign of falsehood, terror, and lacklustre leadership will be brought to an end; and a new era of responsible and competent leadership, under an APC government led by Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, will be ushered in,” Mayaki said.


“This realization, and the consequence it holds for this group of corrupt and irresponsible persons, has seen them scurrying around for survival, making truth, common sense, and decency easy casualties, in their vile campaign of deceit and falsehood.

“As it stands now, no one can debate the fact that Mr. Godwin Obaseki is falsehood personified, a wrapped bag of lies that continues to give. From falsified and inconsistent academic records and credentials, the baloney has come to the point of broad daylight robbery of projects and initiatives. Today, the blatant lie is the Edo Modular refinery at Ologbo, a project funded by both foreign businesses and the Federal Government. That project is nearing completion and commissioning.

“Suddenly Obaseki, the MoU and sleeping governor, emerges from his slumber, scheming to mount tape and ribbon at the site, and take glory for a project he knew little, and contributed little to. To be clear, and for the records, it is important to state here that the Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Company is owned by AIPCC Energy Limited. It is a joint venture between AFCOM and Peiyang Chemical Equipment Company of China. It was built at the cost of 10.2million dollars. The refinery will be producing diesel, Naptha, and Fuel oil (LPFO).

“The Federal Government supported the project by granting duty waivers on refinery equipment and components. The PCC, equally, is a partner to the EPC. If the Federal Government that offered tangible support, which if factored in cost would amount to millions of dollars, is not claiming credit for the project, why is the Obaseki-administration parading the premises of the refinery, claiming to have achieved a landmark project?

“The answer is clear: the Edo State Government of Godwin Obaseki has achieved nothing for the past four years they have been at the helm. Now, then, that it has come to a period where it is important to showcase its job portfolio, the administration is fumbling and biting dust, looking for who to deceive and mislead. Unfortunately, it is the people of Edo State who must now be deceived. They must therefore wake up to the truth and put to an end to this onslaught of incompetence that has assaulted our collective sanity and reputation. They must stop Obaseki and co from further hoodwinking and leading us all into the dark alley of retrogression and underdevelopment. This must be the Edo patriotic task of September 19.

“While Obaseki is jostling at the front, centre, and back of a private project that his administration in fact frustrated, with his disastrous economic policies, thus pulverizing the strong economic structures in place before his tragic emergence, the sites of his promised Industrial Park and GeleGele Seaport remain desolate: a symbolic portrayal of his entire four-year reign — empty, dull, and without any life.

“The government of Godwin Obaseki has sinned, over and over, against the people who gave him their trust. Now, it is more than imperative to remove them. The date is September 19.

“Ultimately, we demand that the People’s Democratic Party, the governor of Edo State, and all other agents loyal to their deliberate campaign of falsehood, to desist from the ignoble activities of laying claim to what does not rightly belong to them. They should stop deceiving the populace and retire to an honest revelation of achievements duly executed by them—if any exists.

“So long as they keep at this deceitful campaign, so long will we be here, all of the way, to sensitize the people and rinse them of the indoctrinated lies and deceits, in the final run-up to September 19: the day of Edo rebirth and freedom, when our people will bury, with their massive votes, the Obaseki tragedy of the past four years.”

Obaseki; APC candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu; and 12 other candidates will slug it out in the September 19, 2020, governorship election, in Edo.

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