Dissecting Ize-Iyamu’s Past Roles In Government By Greg Eweka

To those willing to address their ignorance and choose the path of knowledge, let’s engage in a little bit of brainstorming.

Many have erroneously conflicted the roles of COS and SSG held previously by POI, to assume that it falls within the purview of project execution. I hope this little exercise clears your doubts, that is if it isn’t self-inflicted.

As COS (Chief of staff), you function mainly behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, interface between the government and interests (more of an ombudsman) before ever getting to the Governor.

A COS acts as confidante and advisor to the Chief Executive and he acts as a resource person.

Greg Eweka

As SSG, he is higher in official ranking but nearly has duplicate functions more to the entire state, than to just the Governor.

He too is an appointee of the Governor whose main designation is to assist in the vision and objectives through the provision of advice and guidance:

It is pertinent to note that both positions enjoy no budget for the execution of projects, and their functions are purely advisory and at the discretion of their boss to act upon.


Prince Greg Eweka, a Nigerian voter and card-carrying member of the PDP, writes from the USA

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