Edo 2020: Governor Obaseki’s Criminal Enterprise And His Nonexistent Audio 200,000 Jobs By Erasmus Ikhide

The outgoing Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State who has frittered away his 4-year on empty catchments; frivolities; gloating, political banditry and looting of the public till has exhausted all the tricks in the bag over the 200,000 jobs scam he keeps insisting that he has created.

The hirelings at the corridors of power and his Lagos friends whom he surrounded himself with that led him into the tragic political cul-de-sac; intolerance and politics of brinkmanship are still goading him on to tell more lies as the only way he could secure another term of office. Even when the Governor failed to list the names of persons who benefited from his job fraud, many Edo jobless youths keep ranting “Torgba”, instead of “Tofo” on the social media.

In one of the Governor’s flip-floping campaigns outing in Edo Central, Uromi last week the Governor rehashed his notes of lies about job creation thus: “I took a great risk to create 157,000 jobs for Edo youths in the last three and a half years even when many people doubted my ability to do so”.

Obviously, Mr. Obaseki is aware that nobody believes that he actually created any job in the last 4 years apart from himself and a clusters of his club of golfers, being a golfhouse politician himself, along Osadebe’s Avenue, the government seat of power in Benin City.

The Governor further exposed his naivety and created more obscurity around the nonexistent 200,000 jobs he promised Edo people in 2016 when he said: “I created the jobs through job tracking for organisations, job-matching and placements, skill acquisition and entrepreneurship and Edo Innovates Programme. I built the job creation programme around six key areas such as the people, education, sport, and arts and culture”.

How come that a Governor who shutdown public service spaces, shutdown College of Agriculture Iguoriakhi; College of Education, Ekiadolor, PA Imoudu’s Institute of Sports, Afuze, Institute of Continued Education (ICE), Benin City, College of Education, Abudu and the three schools of Nursing in Benin City talk about creating jobs from the closure of the same institutions?

Is it not ridiculous that the Governor whose Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Osaze Osemwingie-Ero who is detained in France over $2m laundering since October last year while the Governor barely escaped arrest is here talking about creating jobs from the same Ministry of Arts and culture!

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki

Only two day ago, one of the Governor e-rats and lying machines, Mr. Crusoe Osagie compounded the Governor’s perfidy and failure with further falsehood thus: “The job creation drive of the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration, whose job creation agency, Edo State Skills Development Agency, (EdoJobs) is now credited to have created over 170,000 jobs through innovative programmes in the last three and half years”.

“As we move closer to the 2020 election, Edo people must be reminded that Governor Obaseki has kept to his promise to create the enabling environment to create jobs and we would continue to expand the frontiers for more jobs to be created with the coming on stream of more industrial projects which would reinvigorate the state’s economy.”

First, Governor Obaseki and his media aide couldn’t come to a consensus on the numbers of phoney jobs the Governor has created. While the Governor was talking about 157,000 nonexistent jobs in Edo Central, Uromi; Mr. Crusoe Osagie was talking about 170,000 fraudulent plus jobs in Benin City. Governor Obaseki should try and ask the audience at his numerous campaign stop-overs how many Edo youths benefited from his jobs creation gambit.

That way, Governor Obaseki would be publically gauging his performance and acceptability amongst the Edo electorates. Anything outside that, the charge of running a criminal enterprise against Mr. Godwin Obaseki remains valid.

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