Extra Caution Needed When Visiting Zenith Bank Located Off IBB Way Maitama, Abuja By Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor

Many Abuja residents visit banks for daily transactions and as the case often is in Abuja,we majorly park our cars by the road side and dash into banks for business as many banks have very limited to no parking areas.

It is a tradition that many syndicate groups made up of car thieves are lurking around and watching us as we hurriedly dash into these banks just to perpetuate their evil enterprise.
While some banks have a security personnel or 2 standing outside, many don’t.

Zenith bank plc off IBB way,Maitama Abuja is one of such banks where several customers have had their cars tampered with,their cars broken into and items stolen or their cars simply stolen before they get out of the bank and as expected, the bank cannot/will not take responsibility because cars are parked at owners risk even when parked inside the banks parking area ( where it is available)

The security men at this Zenith bank branch and indeed the staff of the bank are aware that there’s a syndicate harassing customers of this bank as many customers have reported cases of some form of theft or the other while inside the bank and the management appear helpless whenever this happens and I feel thats unfair and unreasonable.

If the security officers are not allies with the thieves, why can’t better security be put in place around the bank premises?

Can they not have atleast a security guard or 2 walk around/beside the road overseeing cars of customers while they bank?

Can the bank not have security cameras at strategic places helping with some surveillance while a personnel monitors from within as customers mind their business inside the bank?
Can the bank not liaise with the Maitama police division and have a police vehicle stationed in the area atleast to dissuade the thieves and help stop this reckless stealing from customers?
Or does the bank not care that there are repeated cases of theft around their premises.

I do not know who manages that particular branch but I think the regional leadership of Zenith bank North Central can help to address this problem with this branch and indeed her other branches in the region.

The banks in the FCT have always been relatively safe as touching bank robberies but customers are being robbed on a daily and this should worry the banks.

I am calling out Zenith bank branch off IBB way Maitama, Abuja because this branch appears to have very regular and sustained cases as one of the security guard told and it is also a fact that the management of the bank is aware.

Bank staff have their cars protected and monitored while they work, i think it is only fair that customers get same treatment while they bank.
Without the customers, there’ll be no banks.

Please help share this post widely and lets hope something will be done about it before the syndicate will steal the entire bank on day.

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