Ize-Iyamu: A Symbol Of Courageous Leadership By Greg Eweka

Some who have put forward the lazy excuse of a likely depleted support base of the incoming Governor Barr Osagie Ize-Iyamu just for leaving the PDP to run on the APC platform, are stuck within a hypothetical eccentricity in the progress of time. As change is the only constant, so are time and purpose.

Some have argued that his audacity of courage to take a leap when the need showed up, could be his biggest undoing, only because they can hibernate perpetually where they are only tolerated so naturally, they are not only resistant to change, they abhor/loathe it.

One consistent nature worthy of emulation that POI possesses is his willingness to dare, and travel the path where fickle minds shiver. This is a potent/virile mindset for leadership. As we know, leadership isn’t bread and butter, there will be moments when tough decisions become necessary to stay the course.

Greg Eweka

He knows the State, and he is familiar with our diversities, and recognises the uniqueness of our shared synergy in advancing our people. There’s no rocket science to this truism, and certainly nothing hidden within the chambers of some highfalutin technocratic ignorant jargons!

Edo fares best, not in the opposition, but in the mainstream, and POI is a Czar in the workings of governance and national politics, there can’t be a better time.


Prince Greg Eweka, a Nigerian voter and card-carrying member of the PDP, writes from the USA

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