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Kashamu: Obasanjo Is Not A Saint, Nigerians Waiting For His End – Fayose

Former Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has condemned the statement made by President Olusegun Obasanjo on the death of former lawmaker, Senator Buruji Kashamu.

Fayose on his Twitter handle said Obasanjo was wrong to have made the statement about Kashamu, as they have collaborated in the past before. He said the former President is not a saint and shouldn’t act like one, as Nigerians will be waiting for his end.

Obasanjo in a statement by his spokesman, Kehinde Ayeni said while Kashamu escaped justice, he couldn’t run away from death.

“I commiserate with the family of Senator Buruji Kashamu for this irreparable loss and pray for the repose of his soul. The Almighty God will console those he left behind,” Fayose tweeted.

“I also condemn the statement made by former President Obasanjo on his (Kashamu) death. It is regrettable that Obasanjo could say what he said about Buruji Kashamu after his death and when he can no longer question him. Why didn’t he say that when Kashamu was alive?

“Can Obasanjo say in good conscience that he did not at some point collaborated with Kashamu and most of the things he (Kashamu) did politically were not with his collaboration?

“Nigerians will watch out for Obasanjo’s own end. He should stop forming saint because he is not.  He should also remember that his own end will come too and nobody knows how the end will be.”


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