Mr. President Has Done His ‘Best’! By Echefuna’ R. G. Onyebeadi

Really, Mr. President, you have done your very ‘best’!

You have done your ‘best’ to induce an increase in the abilities, capabilities and efficiency of BOKO HARAM!

What an “excellent” job you have done by diffusing and contaminating the military by recruiting captured Boko Haram terrorists into the military to sabotage the genuine efforts of the military when the war against the terrorists Boko Haram is still on-going?!

Your ‘best’ is also so clearly evident Mr President, particularly, in the ongoing carnages and genocide against the people of Southern Kaduna and Nigerians in general.

Thanks also to your able lieutenant and confidant, Mallam El-rufai, who is working so tirelessly to wipe out all indigenes of Southern Kaduna for your preferred settlers!

How else can we appreciate your ‘best’ more Mr. President, that is so obvious in your regime’s indifference and/or surreptitious support/collusion with terrorist herdsmen and unlawful immigrants who have continued to rape, kidnap, maim, kill and dispossess Nigerians of their lands and other valuable possessions in their ancestral homes unchecked!

President Muhammadu Buhari

Mr. President, you have indeed done your ‘best’ with your unprecedented indolence, ineptitude, gross incompetence and perennial absence in governance.

Your ‘best’ is also evident in signing off Nigeria’s sovereignty to China in the name of avoidable loans and debts that are hardly ever accounted for, which you are unjustifiably accumulating as a great burden for the present and future generations unborn to bear!

Mr. President, you have been severally rejected by your former comrades in arms and at the polls; and, having been given the benefit of doubt, what good(s) have Nigeria and Nigerians gotten in return?

Isn’t it a big shame Mr. President, that you really have NOTHING to offer safe for your primordial psych to continue to reign while others rule as though Nigeria is your conquered territory?

You have indeed given your ‘best’ so much so that even the blind can see it!…. Your ‘best’ which is not even as good as the worst in any sane clime, appears most suited only for the doldrums and dungeons! – After all, one can only give what one has!

However, be reminded Mr. President, that, there is something known as NEMESIS!

Mr. President, there is something known as KARMA!…

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