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Nigerian Heroes Of COVID-19 (12)

Nigeria’s response to COVID-19 has been creditable with the federal government and international organisations contributing greatly to the efforts.

The pandemic ate deep into the nation’s pockets as it had to seek assistance from international bodies.

Several international organisations and countries have since stepped in to alleviate the problems Nigeria is facing.

The United Nations (UN) donated ambulances and $2million to help the federal government in its response.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has donated testing kits and materials to the government to help have a better understanding of the enormity of the problems at hand.

The Chinese government donated medical equipment, machines and testing kits and reagents to the government.

United States President, Donald Trump promised  to donate ventilators and he did some weeks ago, to help Nigeria in the battle against patients of the severe form of COVID-19.

The US has helped the fight against Coronavirus in other capacities through donations of funds and equipment with all amounting to $21.4m.

“The U.S. government is leading the world’s humanitarian and health response to the COVID-19 pandemic even while we battle the virus at home,” U.S. Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard said of the assistance.  “Our assistance is rolling out gradually as we reconfigure priorities in response to the evolving situation.”

“This funding will support critical activities to control the spread of this disease, such as rapid public-health information campaigns, water and sanitation, and preventing and controlling infections in health-care facilities.”

Two early examples of USAID assistance include support for Nigeria’s Center for Disease Control in sending a million SMS messages a day to Nigerians and going door-to-door in the Northeast to prevent outbreaks in the country’s most vulnerable areas along with a host of other activities in urgent development.

The European Union donated what has been the largest share from any international Organisation so far after giving the Nigerian government €50m.

The total donations of the EU to Nigeria, according to the Organisation is in the region of €271.5m.

“In these trying times, the European Union is maintaining its humanitarian support to the most vulnerable people in Nigeria, where we have funded close to €271.5 million (116 billion NGN) in emergency food aid, shelter, access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation, and basic primary healthcare since 2014,” said Thomas Conan, Head of the EU’s Humanitarian Aid Office in Nigeria.

For their assistance to the Nigerian government, these international organisations are #ALEDEHCOVID19 heroes for the week.

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