President Buhari Post COVID Response: Salute To The General By Frederick Imuebe Braimah

President Buhari is on course. He is performing exceedingly well. Many Nigerians except the ruling and capitalists elites are attempting and struggling to recover from the excruciating effects of the recent lockdown occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are struggling to come alive. Many more workers in the formal and informal sectors are either on half salaries and wages while some others are on nil wages.

In my undergraduate days, I was taught, the circular flow of income in one of the macro economic course. This is the flow of income between households and firms with government acting as an interventionist between households and firms.

It is obvious that households income are presently at its lowest ebb in Nigeria. Capacity utilisation of firms are below optimum. It will take some time to peak if ever. No thanks to the power and energy policy of government that delivers unstable energy.

President Buhari’s intervention strategy to respectively assist households and firms recover from their income and production challenges is to increase the cost of fuel and to also further devalue their purchasing power, the naira. This action, though is double jeopardy for the Nigerian households and firms, is sweet palliative in the estimation of President Buhari, his cabinet and our legislators.

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari and his co-travellers in government have the interest of the common man extremely close to their hearts. Lai Mohammed will attest to this. The Nigerian pedestrian contingents, who without any wage, are called upon to cope with the pangs of hunger and despondency should know that their President has deep love for them and has their interests at heart. Forget the hunger. President Buhari is doing great.

The upsurge in the killings and kidnapping of Nigerians under the watch of President Buhari, the commander in chief should not worry Nigerians. Mr President is in control of the widespread insecurity. Don’t also mind that bandits and kidnappers appear to be operating with ease.

Mr President is in charge.

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