Russia Says COVID-19 Vaccine Is Ready For Use

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has on Tuesday said the vaccine against COVID-19 is ready for use.

Putin said the vaccine has been approved by health regulators after being used to treat humans for two months.

He said his daughter was vaccinated against the virus.

Despite the boisterous mood in Moscow, experts have cautioned that it may be too early to be ecstatic, alleging that researchers may have cut corners to suit a political supremacy agenda.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Russia against a quick announcement of the vaccine advising that a medical review be conducted to see how effective it is.

At the moment, the Russian vaccine is not among the WHO’s list of six vaccines that have reached the third phase of clinical trials, which involve more widespread testing in human populations.

Putin however was very positive about the vaccine and said he knew it is ‘quite effective’.

The Russian President who hardly talks about his two daughters said one of them was vaccinated against the virus when she had increased temperatures.

“I think in this sense she took part in the experiment,” Mr Putin said.

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