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7 Suspects Arrested Over Robbery In Late MKO Abiola’s Home

Seven suspects have been arrested in connection to the robbery attack on the home of late Chief Moshood Abiola.

The suspects allegedly invaded Abiola’s family house in Lagos on Tuesday and made away with some cash.

According to reports, the robbers accessed the residence through the canal before scaling the high-rise fence into the compound.

A statement by Ms. Tundun Abiola for the family said, “In the early hours of Tuesday, September 2, armed men invaded and ransacked the residence of Chief MKO Abiola in Ikeja, Lagos.

“The hoodlums subjected the family to extreme emotional torture and harassment and stole cash and other valuable items belonging to the family.

“The police have since been informed. The crime is being investigated. We are consoled by the fact that no life was lost in this unfortunate and frightening incident.”


The Police, upon the report, began investigation and arrested seven suspects including some domestic workers in the residence.

Hakeem Odumosu, the state Police Commissioner, who visited the crime scene, said there was no physical assault or injury on occupants of the building.

He said, “Yes, robbers went there and carted away an unspecified amount of jewelry and some money. I was there personally and I spoke with the mama.

“There was no physical assault on her or the two daughters who were home. I know that some suspects are in custody but I have not been fully briefed on the number of people arrested.

“Some of the domestic staff were also arrested. The security on the ground did not alert the police or any security agency when the incident was going on.

“They said they noticed unusual movement within the compound at the time, but did not inform us. The police were only told several hours after the robbery.

“The robbers were alleged to be three and came in through the canal and scaled the fence, carried out the act and left. The occupants said one of them was armed but there was no gunshot.

“We are suspecting elements of connivance. We are working on all fronts. Investigations have already commenced.”

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