Indonesia: COVID-19 Violators Ordered To Sit In Hearse With Casket

Dozens of people who violated COVID-19 protocols were made to sit in hearse containing a casket used for transporting bodies of dead COVID-19 patients in Probolinggo, a city in Java, Indonesia.

About 50 sellers and buyers who were caught not wearing a face mask at Maron Market took turns to stay in the vehicle for several minutes on Monday following the Probolinggo COVID-19 task force’s order.

“We punished 50 sellers and customers at Maron Market by making them stay in a hearse,” the task force’s security and law enforcement coordinator, Ugas Irwanto, told

The task force reportedly gave the violators facemask before forcing them into the hearse and asked them to reflect on their actions.

Ugas said the violators were reminded how the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot of lives.

On other forms of punishment imposed by the task force, Ugas said: “We ordered vendors to close down their shop for a week, confiscated violators’ IDs for three months, and asked some of them to clean the market and open sewers.”

He added that the task force would visit 34 other markets in Probolinggo in the coming weeks to enforce compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols.

As of Wednesday, Indonesia has confirmed about 200,035 COVID-19 cases with 8,230 deaths.

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