Pastor David Ibiyeomie And Daddy Freeze By Liborous Oshoma

I watched a clip of Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry, Port Harcourt, threatening to kill and tear Daddy Freeze apart for daring to criticise his ‘father’ Bishop David Oyedepo.

I am not a follower of Daddy Freeze, even though we share the same belief on law of tithing, Christianity as practiced in Nigeria. But I also sometimes disagree with his teachings and I think I have only met him once or twice at Cool fm,

Aside that, I must say, with all sense of humility, that no matter Daddy Freeze’s criticism of Bishop David Oyedepo, supposed “Men of God” or is it “god of men” now, must not just vomit rubbish from their mouth, when someone disagree’s with or criticize their teachings, simply because they are standing on the pulpit. It is for them to convince that person with superior argument or position.

It is so shameful that the same mouth he used to curse God’s own creature, gullible and blind church followers, still sat down slavishly for him to pray for them with that same mouth. So what is now the difference between Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Gov. El-Rufai’s son, Bashir and Femi Fani Kayode?

Daddy Freeze with his Dad and Mum

If you condemned the latter two, you must also condemn Pastor Ibiyeomie’s unwarranted outburst and threat to life against Daddy Freeze.

I used to enjoy Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s preachings until he callously instigated the incarceration and humiliation of the controversial journalist, M/s Yemi Olunloye for making an offensive publication against him. That action clearly portray him and what he represents as intolerant to criticism. Yet they criticize others and government daily.

This action by Ibiyeomie is very shameful and condemnable as it does not represent the virtue of Christ which he claims to believe. To call another God’s creature a bastard shows deficiency of moral rectitude.

Meanwhile, above are pics of Daddy Freeze with his Dad, Mum (a Professor of Law at Afe Babalola University), his wife and son.

Religion they say is truly the opium of the masses, that’s why some people will continually use it to fleece the masses.

@Liborous Oshoma Esq.

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