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CCTV Cameras Were Not Removed From Lekki Toll Plaza Before Shooting – LCC

The management of the Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC) says the perimeter Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV) cameras installed at the Lekki Toll Plaza were not removed on Tuesday.

Soldiers of the Nigerian Army had on Tuesday night shot at unarmed #EndSARS protesters. Many have been reported killed and injured.

The State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who had declared a 24-hour curfew before the incident, blamed “forces beyond our direct control.”

The LCC was accused of removing CCTV cameras from the scene just before the shooting commenced.

But in a statement on Wednesday, the company said CCTV cameras were not removed and are still installed at the plaza. It clarified that its staff only went to recover some items including an analogue BOSCH tolling device used to monitor transactions carried out in the toll lanes.

The LCC emphasised that there was no instruction from anyone to remove the perimeter CCTV cameras.

The company was also accused of switching off the lights at the plaza, thereby exposing the protesters to danger.

The LCC explained that, in compliance with the curfew, it withdrew staff from all its office locations hence they could not switch on the backup generators when power was interrupted.

It went on to condemn the shooting of the unarmed protesters at the toll gate and other locations in the state.

“Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC), strongly condemns the shooting of peaceful protesters at the Admiralty Circle Toll Plaza yesterday (Tuesday), 20th October, 2020,” the statement said.

“LCC would never support or condone such unscrupulous act meted out on unarmed protesters. Since the commencement of the protests, LCC has allowed free access to the protesters without any disruption to their activities.

“LCC has cooperated with the protesters from the onset, identifying with the cause and need to end the police brutality. We provided lights, toilets among other items to the youth as a show of solidarity.
“As the protests progressed, our tolling equipment was being looted. We recovered items daily with the help of some of the protesters. Such items included air conditioners, violation alarm bells, monitors, keyboards, etc.

“On the 20th of October, we received feedback that some of the tolling equipment were being pulled off, hence we went into the lanes to recover more items including an analogue BOSCH tolling devices used to monitor transactions carried out in the toll lanes.

“The perimeter closed-circuit television system (CCTV) are Mobotrix digital cameras. They were not removed and are still installed in the lanes even now. There was no instruction from anyone to remove the perimeter CCTV cameras.

“Removing them will require the use of machinery to reach the heights that they have been installed and are still installed.

“LCC receives power from the IPP grid, the power albeit stable is taken from time to time.

“At such times, LCC relies on the backup generators for power supply, however, following the declaration of the curfew by the state governor, LCC withdrew all her staff from the office locations.

“This is the reason why the lights could not be restored when the mains from IPP went off temporarily. This is verifiable.

“We sincerely regret this unfortunate incident and again condemn the shooting of unarmed protesters at the Lekki Toll Plaza and other locations in the State.”

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