Pandemonia Nigeriana By ‘Tola Badejo

Youths trooped out in thousands
#EndSARS was the theme
For days, strategic roads were blocked Tyres of vehicles became alien to the roads
The feet of marching youths became more familiar
Government appealed We have scrapped SARS
This fell on deaf ears
For this song had been heard before
We have replaced it with SWAT
This was nauseating to the youthful tympanum
For similar songs had been waxed before
Sack brutality, nepotism, arbitrariness
Sack lopsided military chiefs, Governor, President, all politicians
Sack bad governance
Sack Revolution now!
Sack the elders
Return looted funds
Youths in one direction for days
Hoodlums in the opposite, strategizing
After selling their souls for pittance
Suddenly at Lekki Bullets came from nowhere
One dead, two dead, hundreds, still counting, still searching
Celebrities died at Lekki, resurrected in their homes the following day It is a massacre
No it is not
But all agreed that death occurred
Shouts of live bullets, fake bullets, rubber bullets. empty canisters, no bullet
All rented the air
Antagonistic claims
Weaponization of misinformation
From multifarious directions
Fake videos, Real videos, Real photos, Fake photos
The tympanum, cornea, retina, cerebral cortex, cerebellum
All sense organs
Did extra unpalatable work
Looting spree, arson, theft, helter-skelter, pandemonium
Youths died
Police died
Hoodlums died
Staff of office. palliative of office, perquisites of office
Disappeared to reappear
Cut their heads off
Voice of a villain
Friends quarreled, enemies embraced
Verbal gymnastics on social media
Blame the youths, you are heartless, conscienceless, pro-government
Blame the gun trotters, you are partisan, anti-government
Blame the looters, you are an oppressor, you stole people’s wealth
Blame it on poverty, not greed
Blame it on hunger, not indiscipline
Prisoners were set free, not by judges, but by arsonists
Hardened criminals
Now on vengeance mission
Police stations first deserted
Now packed full with looters, arsonists and unfortunate honest souls
Known irredentists, secessionists, rebels, changed regalia
Became nationalists overnight
One government opens schools
Another shuts schools down
One imposes curfew
Another lifts curfew
Diversity in unity What can I call this?
Pandemonium par excellence
What new name should I give this multinational contraption?
Pandemonia nigeriana.

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