Replace #EndSARS With #EndImpunity By Pascal Odibo

I have followed very closely with the #Endsars campaign and have this to say;

The #endsars campaign should be replaced with #endimpunity campaign. It is however a good place to start to at least trigger a revolution of a sort, the type that will bring a RESET in the political leadership mindset in Nigeria.

The necessary follow up to whatever victory that is gotten on this #endsars campaign must lead to a massive influx of our youth and many other people into partisan politics. That is the CONVEYOR BELT for a sustainable and strategic political and societal reformation that we all seek. #Endsars is a very good start but let it be a jab in the arm that will now stir us all to a massive interest for a COMPETENT AND CAPABLE leadership for this country. We are been laid not led and by our worst eleven. So let the campaign #endimpunity begin today through a studied and organised agenda for a #joiningpoliticstoday.

Me; I have made that decision. Will you today? It is the most sustainable thing to do if you want to change policies and bring TRUE & lasting socio-political CHANGE in Nigeria. If this is not done strategically we will then need #endcorruption. #Nepotism ( which is now statecraft) #endhighelectricity or #endfuelsubsidy and the list will be endless.

We need responsible leaders across the nation who owe their office to the people and so will pay them back with quality leadership that has a human face and allegiance, not to any expired warhorses that are due and indeed are dismantling.

Pascal Odibo,
Head Strategy,
To build a nation (TBAN)

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