Revolution “Not A Tea Party” By Momoh Omokhigho

I was in Lagos at our Victoria Island Head Office, when Libya fell and Gaddafi killed.

There was wild celebration in the office.

I referred my colleagues to what happened during the French Revolution. The lesson learnt was that a mob cannot rule.

I predicted the mob action of Libyans will lead to a failed state and I was correct.

Now what happened to France after the revolution? There was mass execution by the mob using the notorious guillotine. If there was a dispute with a neighbour, the neighbour was branded as a collaborator of the deposed regime and was executed. There was no right to fair hearing.

In order to bring the lawlessness under control, one of the world’s greatest dictator emerged – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Let us not forget that when the Muslim Brotherhood won the elections in Egypt and it seemed like the mob was ruling. Well the military took over to bring back ‘law and order’.

In addition, the Arab Spring which was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings, and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world in the early 2010s. Some of the countries involved are yet to recover from the aftermath – failed states, perpetually at war and no western promoters of democracy there to support the people against their new oppressors.

Consequently, let us be careful not to bring in a dictator who will emerge as messiah and take us back to the dark days.

Let us be guided bearing in mind, a mob cannot rule.

Rather, let the leaders of the #EndSARS emerge and be identified in order for us to start genuine reform of our great country starting with the police.

Momoh Omokhigho writes from Kaduna

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