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What are the 4 Ps to look out for in your home.

Sometimes, we try as much as possible to look out for what might cause injury or accident in our homes. But most times, we do this after an accident has occured. An example is looking out for the pin that injected our bum when sitting on the chair or searching for where the smell of the melting electrical cable ia coming from.

In safety, proactive measures need to be taken to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. We can only do this when we know what to look out for. So in this article we shall be giving you the four 4ps to look out for.

1. Persons, People
The people around you matters alot and that includes you. Understanding the kinds, age, sex, strengh, weakness, illness, knowledge, ability of people around you is a key factor to keep them safe. Meanwhile they can also be a hazard to the home.

For example, knowing that you have little kids around you is an indication of where to place some items, the type of toys you buy for them as some kids tend to swallow small toys, where they walk or crawl to. Having old ones around is an indication on how to build your bathroom by providing support guard to prevent slip and fall.
Knowing that you might have vulnerable persons around is an indication of putting extra controls or access in place as the case maybe. Consideration should also be giving to visitors. It’s a whole lot of discussion and we can’t exhaust it all.

2. Process, Procedure.
The process or procedure used to carryout any activity at any point in time tells you the kind of hazards that exist. For example, cooking in the kitchen possess lots of hazards and you know you need to look out for hot surface, heat, smoke, hot vapour, an asthmatic patient for example shouldn’t be found using palm oil to fry her dodo. Meanwhile we should note that even if you ain’t asthmatic, long exposure to this over time can make you to become an asthmatic patient. Also while using the kitchen as an example, we know we need to either use electric cooker with a switch. Automatically, switching on the cooker is part of the process and there can be possibility of chock if water is present in your hand. If using gas cooker, you must establish a safe process to prevent fire outbreak and if there is an outbreaks, you must have procedures to rescue the situation. Another example is fixing a new bulb which involves you working at some hight and their is a possibility of fall. Understanding the process you go through and how you do the job gives you an idea of the hazards and hence the safety control measures.

3. Plant
The plant includes the equipment and not cassava plant. Different equipment possess different levels of hard. We have electrical equipment such as toaster, TV, bulb, home electrical connections, electric cooker, gas cooker, laundry machine, boiler, presssure cooker, iron, gas burner among others. Even you tap can be an hazard to you. Understanding that these equipment possess various risk to us and providing controls such as adequate inspection, maintenance and repair, control access to some of the equipment, operating them within the safe procedues goes a long way in ensuring a safe home.

Before giving you the fourth one, if you have any question on safety related matters, kindly chat us on whatsapp on 08028657826. You can also follow us on Instagram at @walieyullah, on YouTube @safetyworld, on Instagram @Qodarsafety and on Facebook @qodarqhse

4. Place.
Place simply means the environment. Check out around you, your garden, sitting room, kids room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom etc. Check out for what can lead to an accident. Do you have a slippery floor as a result of water being poured on the tiles, clean it up immediately. Encourage good housekeeping. Keep everything in its place. Avoid littering items around, especially on the floor. Someone could trip and fall. Remove cables trailing on the floor. Check for faulty equipments, foul smell etc.

I assure you that if you go through this my 4ps of home safety inspection, your home will become safer.

Join me on my next article.

Stay safe.

Walieyullah Adegoke

Aledeh News is not liable for opinions expressed in this article, they’re strictly the writer’s

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