What God Has For Us By Tony Momoh


Yes, those days as Minister of Information and Culture (1986-1990), I wrote letters to my Countrymen, eleven landmark letters which I wrote between April 1988 and August 1990. The letters appeared in book form in 1993, titled Reflections on letters to my Countrymen.

In the book I explained why each letter was written, what purpose it was meant to serve, and the purpose it did serve.

Running through the letters was a strong message for self-reliance and vehement condemnation of the wild tastes which the country wanted to sustain, then and up to now, even if it has to borrow to do so.

Four of the letters dealt with the urgent need, then and now, for structural adjustment, three with the leadership question, two with a rare insight into the psyche of the Nigerian and one with Nigeria’s rampaging press.

I said then and have not failed to shout it to the world that Nigeria, as the space harbouring the largest concentration of people in black bodies on earth, does not only have a future but also a mission. It has not been an accident that of all federations packaged in the first quarter of the last century, Nigeria remains the only one standing.

Today, I publish here under the piece written by Ron Kenoly (75) the American evangelist who seems to sense what awaits Nigeria and which Satan wants to undermine, Read it.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Nigeria

On my very first visit to Nigeria in the late 1980’s, the country was under military control. As I processed through customs and immigration, each rifle carrying officer in charge would detain me and ask, “What do you have for me?” I had been through very many acts of discrimination as a Black man in America, but I had never been bribed. Evangelist Patricia Bailey, who was on the same flight with me, had pre-warned me to have some loose one dollar bills with me in case soldiers asked me for money. As I processed through the long lines at Murtala Muhammed Airport I was pulled aside 3 times and asked by the soldiers (with guns) , “What do you have for me”.

I share this story to let you know that I personally understand and identify with the frustrations that the people of Nigeria are going through at this present time. As the youth of Nigeria are rising up to say “enough is enough” to the National Government and the law enforcement organizations, my hope, my faith and my prayers are aligned with yours.

Nigerians, I believe you are a set apart nation with a Divine assignment. You have the natural resources, human resources, and the spiritual authority to make Nigeria the most desired destination on the planet for people of color. What London and Rome is to Caucasins; what Jerusalem is to Jews; and what Mecca is to Muslims, that is what you will be to black people around the world. Melinin people from all over the earth will make it their lifetime dream to come and witness the manifest accomplishments and greatness that you will display for our race.

Nigeria, you will soon be the modern day trophy of every Black man, woman boy and girl on this planet. You are the heart and soul of our Motherland. As you lead, all of Black Africa will follow you. Young people of Nigeria, the nations and multi-national corporations of the world have exploited you; the present generation of leaders have not maximized the potential your hidden wealth and resources. Your children cry in discouragement and your elders hang their heads down with fatigue and brokenhearted.

Young people of Nigeria, the future is in you hands. Bring Nigeria to its fullest potential! Turn the children’s tears to joy. Cause the elders to stand up straight and proud again. Remove the fear of mothers raising their children in poverty and chaos. Your obvious manifest destiny is before you, and the fruit of your labor will be waiting to be consumed.

Arise to brilliance and glory Nigeria, and let your light shine! I am praying for you!!!
– Ron Kenoly

Dear countrymen and women, young and old, I am more convinced than ever before that Nigeria has a mission and our young ones are trumpeting it. What happened to their protests is not new to people of knowledge. People of knowledge should not be mistaken for people of intellect. People of intellect believe in war and design implements of war and their ruthless use. People of knowledge believe on guidance from on High; they are driven by the words sent downwards to them through the prophets, who people of intellect maligned and killed. Any where God has a programme in this part of His Creation, Satan, using willing tools who are by and large people of intellect, tries to undermine and destroy such divine plans. In times we are in, Satan is more active but must fail.

Ron Konely has correctly put his finger on the mission of Nigeria as the destination of the people of colour. But there is more. The whole world will come to this country to seek how things should be done. But we must decongest the political space to prevent a struggle that will try to undermine the plan for mankind that we are ordained to anchor. May we achieve it through joy rather than through sorrow. Amen.

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