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How Bernie Sanders Correctly Predicted Trump’s Reaction To US Election Results

Video of ex-candidate for the Democratic ticket, Bernie Sanders, where he predicted the results of the US presidential election a week ago on a show has taken over the internet.

Just as Sanders had predicted, Trump already claimed victory in a number of key swing states whose counts were yet to be called.

Narrating how the result will be announced after the election, he also said Trump would regard the election as “fraud.” Meanwhile, the incumbent president has indeed acted in accordance with the prediction when he said he will be taking the election results to the Supreme Court.

In a clip from Jimmy Fallon, Sanders suggested that Trump would dismiss “crooked ballots” due to the delay in mail-in ballots being counted across the States.

When asked by Jimmy what his thought was about the result,  he said: “Jimmy, you raise an important point, and I hope the American people understand it, because this is something I worry about. My view is every vote must be counted.

“For reasons which I don’t have the time to get into tonight, you’re going to have a situation, I suspect, in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, other states, where they are going to be receiving huge amounts of mail-in ballots. And unlike states like Florida or Vermont, they’re not able for bad reasons to begin processing those ballots until Election Day or maybe when the polls close. That means you’re going to have states dealing with perhaps millions of mail-in ballots.

“Here is my worry. What polls show, and what studies have shown, is that, for whatever reason, Democrats are more likely to use mail-in ballots. Republicans are more likely to walk into polling booths on Election Day. It is likely that the first votes that will be counted will be those people who came in on Election Day, which will be Republican.”

He further said, “And here is the fear – and I hope everybody hears it – it could well be, you know, I don’t know what’s going to happen, nobody does. But it could well be that, at 10 o’clock on election night, Trump is winning in Michigan, he’s winning in Pennsylvania, he’s winning in Wisconsin, and he gets on the television and he says ‘Thank you Americans for re-electing me. It’s all over, have a good day.’

“But then the next day, and the day following, all of those mail-in ballots start getting counted, and it turns out that Biden has won those states. And Trump says, ‘see? I told you the whole thing was fraudulent. I told you those mail-in ballots were crooked. And we’re not going to leave office.’ So that is a worry that I and a lot of people have.”


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