Oshodi-Abeokuta Expressway BRT Corridor & The Looming Threat To Public Peace By Nelson Ekujumi

It’s often said that a stitch in time saves nine and with this in mind, one is very concerned and disturbed, hence the need to draw the attention of the authorities as well as the general public to a looming threat to public peace on the Oshodi-Abeokuta Expressway BRT Corridor by the menace of commercial motorcyclists popularly called okada riders.

Commuting on the Oshodi-Abule Egba BRT corridor on a daily basis, one’s sight and the environment is assaulted by the lawless riding of okada on the expressway and the BRT corridor by the commercial motorcyclists, who ride one way against traffic, carrying 2 or 3 passengers without safety helmets in total disregard for the sanctity of human life and in violation of the existing road traffic law of Lagos State.

Painfully, these commercial motorcyclists (okada riders) riding on the BRT corridor by their lawlessness undermine the whole essence of the construction of the BRT corridor for the smooth and traffic free mass movement of commuters from one point to another as they constitute traffic nuisance and hindrance to the safe passage of BRT buses, thus defeating the essence of the project meant to alleviate the pains of the commuting people of Lagos State.

The recklessness of the commercial motorcyclists on the BRT corridor is a disaster waiting to happen in terms of accident which poses a grave danger not only to their lives and that of their passengers, but also the safety of the commuters in the BRT buses.

Knowing fully well, the antecedent and mob mentality character of the commercial motorcyclists popularly okada in unleashing terror and mayhem on the road when any of its members is involved in an accident without waiting to investigate the cause and identify who the guilty party is, one would not be surprised if mayhem is unleashed soon as a result of the occurrence of an accident between the okada riders and BRT buses on that corridor, except if the state government acts quickly according to law to save us all from this looming threat to public order.

On the average, most especially during peak periods daily, these commercial motorcyclists number between 200-300 as they constitute a security and traffic risk with the way they have defied the laws of the land and it is important for the Lagos State government to quickly act now in order to ensure the sustenance of law and order in that corridor as well as in all other parts of the state.

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