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Saraki Advises Buhari On Kidnapped Police Officers

Former President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki on Wednesday advised President Muhammadu Buhari on how to tackle the menace of insecurity in Nigeria.

The advice follows the report of Assistant-Superintendents of Police (ASPs) that were kidnapped on their way to Zamfara from Borno state.

In his reaction, he said: “This heinous crime is spreading fast round the country. Meaning it is not a crime limited to one part of the country or restricted to certain group of people. With the recent victims being police officers, we must recognize that this is a serious national problem.”

He stressed that “the kidnapping issue is not a problem for President Buhari alone. It is a problem confronting and threatening all Nigerians.”

Saraki suggested that the Nigerian leader seek help from former presidents, retired officers  and also tap into Nigeria’s brightest and most experienced minds in order to get rid of security threats.

“I am convinced that this is a problem for all of us, and as such, I advise Mr. President to urgently call for help from all and sundry. All hands must be on deck. If we don’t address the problem of kidnapping urgently it will engulf the entire nation.

“In this country, we have brilliant, serving and retired intelligence officers. We have experienced serving and retired military and other security officers who have had some of the best training available in the world in dealing with this type of problem.

“We also have former Presidents and heads of state who have great ideas on security. And, we have traditional rulers who, by their background, have strong insights they can contribute on this issue.

Saraki Advises Buhari On Kidnapped Police Officers

“What is more, in our Nigeria there are some of the best IT brains who can help deploy technology towards solving the kidnap cases and eliminating this security threat.

“Many of them are youth who have shown an interest in finding solutions to national problems and have demonstrated their capacity in several fields of endeavors. These youths will be too glad to help if we engage with them on finding solutions to this problem.

“Then there are many countries whom we have a good relationship with and who have confronted similar problems in the past and used technology and modern techniques to overcome them.

“These countries, I am sure, will be more than willing to assist. They know this is a problem threatening our existence as a country. In my humble opinion, Mr. President, should tap into these abundant resources because what we have on our hands is a national emergency.

“From my own perspective, wherever the idea is coming from – be it from a retired security officer, an opposition leader or even a foreign country – what is important at this juncture is to put an end to this national menace.

“I am sure that if all these people are ‘locked’ up in one room together and with the abundant talents and resources that will be available to tap into, they will most certainly produce a workable, action plan that can immediately be implemented to solve the kidnapping problem.”

The former Senate President added: “The problem of kidnapping is not only threatening the peace of the country. It is creating food insecurity and constraining people’s means of livelihood, particularly in the rural areas where 70 percent of the food produced in this country comes from.

“Farmers are no longer going to farm as they fear for their lives. In such circumstances, how can we talk of self-sufficiency? It is time we tackled the problem head on.”

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