Who Names A Child Trump? By Lai Labode

How many Nigerians would name their child Trump?

I took the liberty do a small survey . I confess , it was not as scientific as I’d ordinarily like my surveys but deep enough to connect to reality of most decent people around the world . (With all due respect to millions of good people who voted for Trump or admire a particular quality in him).

The result wasn’t so surprising , despite the wanton evil in this word, I was elated to reconfirm that most of us have instincts for what is good and honorable especially when it connects to matters that may impact our interests or immediate families and of course our world when we do a little more rational processing.

Dear friends, Only one (1) in Ten (10) Nigerians said a very reluctant yes to consciously naming their child after President Trump when face with questions of the qualities they expect to see in their children and loved ones.

Shocked ? I wasn’t for sure , most parents do not want a bully for a child nor do they want their offsprings to be publicly associated with lies or untruths , most importantly, none of the parents surveyed wanted a child whose name echoes little or no empathy or even basic decency.

While some of the respondents narrowly attributed my exercise to a suspected bias based on the reality of some education in America , blind love for the west or even me having a child or children that are Americans by birth , I could understand where they were coming from, it is ordinarily hard not to attribute a personal motive to any real effort . I however make bold to say the ‘accusations’ are rather narrow yet very welcome and understandable !

Fellow Nigerians , the reality is that the success and failures of America despite its many imperfections impact our entire world much more than many Nigerians can imagine. It is much beyond the birth of many of our children in America or a feeling of inadequacy or any kind . The world is too interconnected for any ‘Right Thinking Nigerian’ to stay so aloof and unconcerned with what has happened in America in the last four (4) years.

America took a most unfortunate leave of its global moral and strategic responsibility to the peril of its self interest and the rest of that of the world . America’s image , standing and influence suffered greatly and it negatively impacted people even in the most remote and forgotten corners of our world.

A more stable and prosperous America is good for a world that is in so much crisis and desires progress . Climate Change , Wars , Hunger and Disease still ravages our world so desperately today . Our best shot at winnable fights must be collective and must flow from established partnership between the developing world, the most powerful and richest nations playing different and strategic roles for the whole of humanity.

America as the most prosperous and powerful nation in the history of the world must continue holding a high moral ground and maintain useful and positive influence on the global stage.

The greatest of nations are ultimately only as powerful as their relationships with the rest of humanity while maintaining their uniqueness and selfish interests . Every great or aspiring great nation must find the best of its potential in the warmness of global connectivity. The world is moving in a sure and predictable direction of self interests founded on global coordination and cooperation.

I have taken the liberty to offer you Barack Obama’s iconic 2008 acceptance speech for you all to reconnect with the better Angels in you , your friends and loved ones . (See Link attached)

It is time the global citizenship in our DNAs rise above our local or ethnic affinities or biases and reposition for better opportunities for every human irrespective of colour or creed .

The Obama 2008 speech brought tears to my eyes then , it still did today twelve (12) years after . Listen closely , take it all in and be re-inspired and hopeful for a better world founded on deeper understanding of common decency and our inevitable reliances on the better angles in our individual selves and those who lead us .

Thanks President Obama , President-elect Biden , VP elect Kamala Harris and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for your inspirations of the girl child across the globe .

You are inspirations to my darling daughter , Rhodium Labode , a future President of the United States of America or of course a future President of the Glorious Federal Republic Of Nigeria . YES SHE CAN !

My name is Lai Labode , I am a global citizen, are you ? We all should be … Think!

Be sure to Watch : Feel it all over !
Obama Acceptance speech 2008

Lai Labode
November 8th 2020

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