A Self Conflicted Government By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

You Make Regulations and Want to Break the Same Regulations

The Nigerian Government recently rolled our Covid-19 Protocols which precludes the gathering of people for more than one hour in public places ,restricting public gatherings to 50 People,Compulsory Wearing of Face Masks in Public Places,Compulsory Washing of Hands in Public Places ,Restricting the number of People that attend churches and Mosques ,Physical Distancing, Inposition of Restriction of Movements from 12am to just before dawn and at the same time the same Government who made the above Regulations, want to host the National Sports Festival, where Athletes will come into Edo State from 36 States of the Federation and Abuja ,all of them will have physical contacts ,vendors will litter the stadium ,fans will be there ,the Media will come from all over ,logistics personal will also be there in all breaking all the above listed Covid-19 Protocols ,made by the same Government.

Government should know that Regulations are made for the Governed and the Government. The fact that you enacted a regulation does not mean you are exempted from same. As a Matter of fact, as Government , you should observe the Regulations strictly to be an example to the Governed.

Schools have not resumed in some States of the Federation and you are talking about a National Sports Festival that may end up being a National Festival for the Transmission of Covid-19.

Perish the though. There is no urgency to host the National Sports Festival. Let us channel the efforts to curtail the virus,than doing things that will make it spread more.

Government should lead by example.

Sometimes, Let us just use Common Sense.

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