Nigeria Moves Up 7 Places On Global Firepower Ranking Of Military Strength

The Nigerian Military has advanced seven places and ranked 35th out of 138 in the 2021 index of specialised military ranking website, Global Firepower.

Global Firepower utilises over 50 individual factors to determine a given nation’s PowerIndex (‘PwrIndx’) score with categories ranging from military might and financials to logistical capability and geography.

A perfect PwrIndx score is 0.0000, meaning the smaller the PwrIndx value, the more powerful a nation’s theoretical fighting capability is (by conventional means as nuclear capability is not taken into account).

The index ranked the Nigerian military among the top five in Africa.

In the area of available manpower, Nigeria ranked 8th out of 138 but active personnel were estimated at 120,000 which put the nation in 37th place.

On Airpower, the nation was said to have 41 helicopters and 15 attack helicopters.

On Land Forces, Nigeria was said to have 355 tanks, 200 armoured vehicles, 65 self-propelled artillery, 339 towed artillery, and 59 rocket projectors.

On Naval Forces, Nigeria’s total assets were put at 75 and they ranked 32nd. Patrol was put at 97 while Mine Warfare was put at 2.

On Natural Resources, Nigeria’s oil production was put at 2,000,000bbl, oil consumption at 275,000bbl, and proven oil reserves at 37,450,000,000bbl.

On Logistics, Nigeria’s Labour Force of 60,080,000 people ranked 10th. Merchant marine strength was put at 677, ports at 4, roadway coverage at 193,200km, railway coverage at 3,505km, and serviceable airports at 54.

On Financials, the nation’s defence budget was put at $2,100,000,000, ranking 63rd.

On Geography, Nigeria ranked 31st in terms of square land area of 923,768km. Coastline coverage was put at 853km, shared borders at 4,477km, and usable waterways at 8,600km.

Nigerian soldiers


The United States (0.0721) was ranked 1st, Russia (0.0796) stood in 2nd place, China (0.0858) ranked 3rd, India (0.1214) ranked 4th, and Japan (0.1435) ranked 5th.

Also, Slovakia (0.1621) ranked 6th, France (0.1691) ranked 7th, United Kingdom (0.2008) ranked 8th, Brazil (0.2037) ranked 9th, and Pakistan (0.2083) ranked 10th to complete the top 10.


Egypt (0.2208), ranked 13th globally, ranked 1st in Africa. Algeria (0.4461) came 2nd, South Africa (0.5684) came 3rd, Nigeria (0.6261) came 4th, and Morocco (0.8763) came 5th in Africa. Egypt is the only African country in the top 20 globally although it dropped from the top 10.


Meanwhile, last Friday, President Muhammadu Buhari promised that the war against Boko Haram and bandits would be won and finished in 2021.

The President, who spoke during the Juma’at Prayer for the 2021 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration at the National Mosque, also assured that “this is a year of action and we will finish what we are doing.”

Buhari, who was represented by the Minister of Defence, Major General Magashi Salihi, added that, “what is happening in this country will soon be over. This year we will finish what we are doing; pray for us that we succeed.”


In November 2018, a contract was awarded to United States’ Sierra Nevada for 12 A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft for the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) valued at up to $345 million.

The contract includes ground training devices, mission planning and debrief systems, ground support equipment, alternate mission equipment, as well as contractor support including five field service representatives outside of the continental U.S. for three years.

Last Tuesday, United States Secretary of the Air Force, Barbara Barrett, assured Nigeria of delivering the 12 aircraft.

Barrett, who toured the Defence Space Administration and initiated the first-ever collaboration between the US and the Nigerian defence space institutions, said the aircraft will be in the country at the scheduled period of the year.

She explained that the delivery would also come with the training of 60 Nigerian military pilots, instructors, and aircraft maintenance specialists over 24 months.

The Nigerian military also said it is expecting at least 18 manned aircraft and 8 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) in 2021/2022 to execute the anti-terrorism war successfully.

As the intense fight against insurgents and other criminals continues, we wish the nation’s brave soldiers well and hope they defeat the enemies in 2021 so our dear country can achieve the much-needed peace.

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