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Nigeria’s COVID-19 Cases Rise By 1,483 To 118,138, Deaths Sum Up To 1,490

Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases have further increased with 1,483 new infections in 22 states and FCT, Abuja.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) made this known on Friday, January 23, 2021, in its daily update on Coronavirus.

The unit through their daily report showed that the country reached a record of 118,138.

The data released by NCDC showed that 5 persons were recorded dead leading to a total number of 1,490.

In its record, Kaduna had the highest number of 545 individuals who tested positive, while Abuja had a record of 235 and then Plateau, 127.

While Nasarawa recorded 80, Oyo 72, Delta 65, Rivers 64, Kano and Ogun 46, Bayelsa and Gombe 30, Abia 28.

Osun had a record of 27, Edo 25, Ondo 14, Sokoto 12, Zamfara 10, Bauchi 8, Imo 5, Jigawa, Ekiti and Borno 4, and Niger 2.

This record has brought the nation to a total number of 118,138 confirmed cases, 94,150 discharged, and 1,490 deaths.

The NCDC in an update said a wrong report was given on Thursday, in regards to Zamfara state record.

“Yesterday, we erroneously reported one new case, instead of three new cases for Zamfara State,” NCDC stated.

Also, without an unidentified reason, the centre for disease control said, “Today’s report does not include data from Lagos State.”


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