Recovered COVID-19 Patients Have Vaccine-Like Immunity – Study

A new study conducted by Public Health England has revealed that persons who recovered from COVID-19 have similar immunity as those who received the vaccine.

The study which involved about 21,000 NHS workers found out that naturally acquired immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection reduced the odds of symptomatic infection by at least 90 percent, while asymptomatic infection of previous infection lowered the risk by 83 percent.

Meanwhile, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine showed 95% efficacy, Moderna vaccine, 94.5% efficacy, while AstraZeneca vaccine showed 70% efficacy.

Scientists had studied 20,787 people for more than five months, including 6,614 who had already contracted virus.

The researchers found out that majority had immunity against the virus six months after initially being infected.

Recovered COVID-19 Patients Have Vaccine-Like Immunity - Study

Lead researcher Professor Susan Hopkins, Senior Medical Advisor at PHE, said: “Prior infection looks as good as the vaccine, at least at this time interval (six months), which is very good news for the population.

“And it will help alongside vaccine to give level of immunity in the population that would start to reduce transmission.

“So overall this is good news, it allows people to feel that prior infection protects them from future infections, but at the same time it is not complete protection.”

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