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Trump Ignores Biden As New President’s Inauguration Holds Today

President Donald Trump has spent his last day in office on Tuesday thinking through, as President-elect, Joe Biden is set to arrive in Washington ahead of Wednesday’s inauguration.

Trump had ignored the normalcy of leaving office, just as he has refused to contact Biden and would be the first president in 150 years to boycott his successor’s inauguration.

AFP also reports that Trump had yet to publicly congratulate Biden on his win or invited him for the customary cup of tea in the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, CNN has it that the live prime-time farewell address is another presidential tradition gone by the wayside in the norm-busting Trump era.

Outside the White House fence, central Washington has taken on a dystopian look ahead of Biden’s inauguration, swarming with National Guard troops and largely emptied of ordinary people.

Illustrating the level of worry after the attack by the pro-Trump mob, the defence department said that all Guard troops were being vetted by the FBI and military for possible threats.

Also, fears of right-wing attacks in the wake of the pro-Trump riot in the Capitol building on January 6 have triggered unprecedented deployments of armed soldiers, concrete barriers, and secure areas dubbed green and red zones.

The President-Elect, Biden is already in Washington DC with his wife Jill Biden where he alongside the the Vice-president-Elect, Kamala Harris and husband Douglas Emhoff held a memorial service for the over 400,000 Americans who have lost their lives as a result of the dreaded Covid19 pandemic on the eve of inauguration.

For Trump, the main piece of unfinished business is now the expected slew of pardons that he is reported to be preparing.

According to CNN and other US outlets, Trump has a list of about 100 people he would grant clemency to.

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