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Trump Impeachment Trial: Closing Arguments Begin As US Senators Abandon Plan To Call Witnesses

The United States Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump was thrown into confusion Saturday as senators voted to hear witnesses, but later settled on only admitting a witness statement.

Impeachment managers of the House of Representatives had called for witnesses following revelations from a Republican House lawmaker about a heated phone call on the day of the riot between Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, that Democrats say establishes Trump’s indifference to the violence.

Leaders agreed to take witness statement instead of calling witnesses, paving the way for closing arguments by the prosecuting team and defense team.

The agreement averts a prolonged trial, setting the stage for a vote on whether to convict Trump for inciting the Capitol riot on Saturday.

While most Democrats are expected to convict the former president, acquittal already appeared likely in the chamber that is split 50-50 with Republicans. A two-thirds majority is required for conviction.

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