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3 Dead In Wisconsin Casino Shooting

Three persons have been confirmed dead on Saturday, including the shooter who opened fire at a Wisconsin casino in the United States.

Also, one person was seriously injured in the attack that happened at the Oneida Casino on the Western side of Green Bay. The injured was taken to a hospital in the Milwaukee area for treatment.

Earlier, the casino had tweeted about an active gunman situation to warn people to stay away from the area.

Brown County Sheriff’s Lt Kevin Pawlak said investigators believe the gunman was seeking a specific person but decided to shoot his target’s colleagues when he couldn’t find his main target.

3 Dead In Wisconsin Casino Shooting

‘He was targeting a specific victim who was not there, but he decided to still shoot some of the victim’s friends or co-workers, it appears,’ Lt Pawlak said.

The suspect was later shot dead outside the hotel by Police officers.

It was not immediately clear if the gunman was a former employee of the restaurant, but Lt Pawlak said “it appears there’s some relationship that had to do with employment.”

“Whether or not they all worked there, we’re still working on,” he said.

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