8 Ways To Motivate Staff In A Small Business By James Blake

According to recent studies, almost 60% of workers worldwide often deal with hostile working environments which with time changes them, and they end up developing strategies to cope to get the work done, despite the difficulties. The thing is, those very strategies this percentage of workers use to survive a dysfunctional workplace, can be counterproductive in a more supportive environment.

Therefore, as a manager, it is essential to find the right balance and to offer your employees a healthy and positive work environment.

Create A Positive Workspace with the Right Tools

As a manager, employer or supervisor the way to make and increase profits within your organization depends on how you treat your workers and the work environment you offer them. Here are some of the tips you can implement:

# 01. Encourage Productive Confrontation

It may sound counter-productive but healthy conflict, and competition is great for business and provides a good environment for bringing new ideas to life. Come up with ideas out of your comfort zone and see where the discussion goes on from there. You can also make your team write ideas on an index card related to the concept. After that take the cards, hand them out, make your group read them out and encourage responses and discussion.

# 02. Colour the Walls Green

According to recent studies, the color green sparks inventiveness. Your boss might not allow you to paint your walls, but you should opt for items like backdrops to hang, wall art, and green ornaments. You also need to consider calming shades of green instead of the bright hues- sage and sea-foam green are the best options since they help you relax and spark your creativity.

# 03. Clean the Air

Employees end up with occupational allergies due to the work atmosphere. It can be due to chemical reactions to paint or carpets or dirt particles. Having lousy air conditions in most cases leads to loss of concentration. So you need to invest in a reliable air purifier. According to ByPurify, an ionic air purifier with HEPA filters are the best since they help capture up to 100% of microns and filtrate dirt particles in the air.

# 04. Get Some Plants

Apart from givi ng a boost to the green color at the office, plants help in improving air quality, reducing stress, increasing productivity and make the workspace cozier. You need to invest in the green and leafy kind and not the prickly ones like cacti. You should also get one or two because having too many can be overwhelming.

# 05. Cement Your Team’s Connections

To establish a productive working relationship with your team, you need to get to know each other. Thus, look for ways to better communicate. If you have remote employees, have HD video conferences so that they can all take part in the brainstorming sessions and meetings. You can even try asking general personal questions like hobbies, food, pets, and e.t.c. You will learn more about each other and cement your relationships.

# 06. Show Appreciation

Employees need recognition and rewards for project milestones. It is a way of keepi ng the momentum up and their spirits high. Projects tend to be simple at first, but with time, they get difficult. So, set the milestones and reward them for each goal achieved. You should try sending them an email telling them how great they are doing, and they reached a breakthrough. You will boost their egos and increase their productivity.

#07. Make the Workspace Clean and Comfortable

Work keenly on projects is incredible. However, work too tightly can be disastrous. You need to give them their space, where they can have the items to use within reach, and still be able to work with other team members closely.

You should also invest in space for the whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

Remove any unnecessary clutter and have a cleaning team come in to dust and vacuum the office regularly to make sure that the environment is clean
neat and ordered to enhance prod uctivity.

# 08. Put in Standing Desks

It is not healthy to sit in one spot the whole day. That is why companies today need to invest in standing desks which allow employees to choose whether to sit or stand as they please, move around and keep their muscles active throughout the day. You can either get a full sitting desk or a unit that sits on top of your regular office


It is also wise to remember to move around in the course of the day since just sitting down can lead to lots of health issues.

Remember, it is your responsibility to create, develop and nurture the right kind of working environment so that your employees can innovatively function in the organization.



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