Abuja Suffers Yet Another Earth Tremor

Residents of Maitama, Abuja were thrown into panic today as another earth tremor hit the city. An earth tremor had occurred in September before today’s scary moment. The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) reported about the tremor on Thursday, November 1st. A statement released by the agency said that the incident happened at 12:26 this afternoon. “Our preliminary findings indicated that the tremor occurred around 12.26pm around the vicinity of Panama Street in Maitama District. After field evaluations, the NGSA determined that the intensity was about 3.0 on the Mercalli Intensity Scale, which means it was felt indoors and lasted less than 1 minute.” The residents of the area were consequently reassured that there was no cause for franticness.


The statement further revealed that there was no structural damage because of the shake.


However, the National Emergency Management Agency was adequately informed by the NGSA. Further assessments and checks are being made to ensure members of the public are in safe conditions.

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