Advocating For Violence When You Have Visa Is Immoral – Poju Oyemade

Senior pastor of the Covenant Christian Centre, Poju Oyemade, says it is immoral for elites who are privileged to have foreign visas to advocate for violence in Nigeria.

Oyemade at ‘The Platform’, a programme organised by The Covenant Nation on Saturday, stated that no one knows how a war in Nigeria would end.

Over the recent months, there has been heightened tension in Nigeria as the country continues to struggle with insecurity among other challenges.

Oyemade, however, noted that while the elites may have the opportunity to escape war in Nigeria, poor and old citizens would be the worst victims.

The pastor said, “It would be immoral, let me say it to the elites, to advocate for violence when you have a foreign visa on your own passport.

“The theatre to exit the nation and the theatre if anything happens.”

“A war is something you can only determine when it starts, you cannot determine when it ends.

“You can be in it for 30 years, you may run away from that theatre but the poor that you claim that you are fighting for will be the one left fighting and suffering.

“You may run but remember elderly ones are in that theatre. People who are weak. You will have family members that will be left behind.”

According to him, the major problem of the country is the lack of political will from the ruling class.

He stated, “Is it that Nigerians are not bright or intelligent? Our society is not a reflection of our intellectual content and capacity.

“Nigerians are some of the most intellectually able people in the world. The problem is lack of political will.

He therefore urged Nigerians, “It is clear that the way we are going about, things must change. We cannot keep doing things the same way and expect any significant change.”

‘The Platform’ is an annual programme that holds on Nigeria’s Workers Day (May ,1st), where issues affecting the nation are being discussed and solutions are being profounded.

This year’s theme: “Is Devolution of Powers the Solution to Nigeria’s Problem?”

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