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APC’s Lawlessness Responsible For Nigeria’s Security Challenges – Obaseki

Governor of Edo State, Southern Nigeria, Godwin Obaseki has said indiscipline in the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC) responsible for Nigeria’s security challenges.

Obaseki while identifying insecurity as one of the country’s biggest challenges also blamed the mismanagement of the nation’s economy by Buhari’s government for the insecurity challenges.

He stated this while receiving members of the south-south zone working committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led by its National Vice Chairman, south-south, Dan Orbih.

He Said:

“The way the ruling party has managed and mismanaged the economy of this country is the reason why we are having the level of insecurity that we are faced today.

“The lawlessness, indiscipline by the ruling party has brought us to where we are.”

He however urged Nigerians not to lose hope in the country amid the challenges facing the country, but work collectively to ensure a better Nigeria.

“We should not lose hope in Nigeria but focus on how to create confidence to give our people hope by managing the country well. The challenges of insecurity just show the dysfunctionality of our federal system.” he said.

Obaseki noted that it would be difficult to deal with security challenges until the federal government decentralized the nation’s security architecture and address the security structural imbalance

“We run a federation; we have three tiers of government: federal, state and local governments. Why should security be exclusive to the federal level? What happened to the other two? Until we address that structural imbalance, we are not going to be able to deal with security at its core.

“The country has a major problem and it’s only the PDP that can help the President solve the problem, not his party.

“Let us as party men and Nigerians help rescue the nation and call on those that have the capacity to rescue Nigeria. Security is local and we can rescue this nation; that is why Edo is relatively peaceful.

“In the south-south, we must stand up to defend ourselves economically, politically and security-wise. We have pretenders in the region who try to exploit the region and we must stop them.

“When you concentrate resources at the centre, you can’t get results. The security structure that we have in Nigeria has expired; we need a new security arrangement. The system that we operated till now is not tenable.” he noted.

In his remark, the National Vice Chairman, (south-south), Dan Orbih, called for the establishment of a security network and state police, to check the rising cases of insecurity in the region.

Orbih said:

“The southwest and south-east have both formed a security network to protect its people. As south-south, we need to look for a way to check insecurity and protect our people in the region.

“We appeal to you to lead the stand for state policing. It’s time to rejig the security architecture of Nigeria. We urge you to lend your voice to the struggle to make the country safe for all.”

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