Benue Establishes Committee To Address Insecurity In Schools

Government of Benue state, North-Central, Nigeria has set up a Committee to address insecurity in schools across the state.

The Committee will examine the issue of security in schools, especially those with boarding facilities and schools located in border areas.

The Special Adviser on Security to the Governor, Paul Hemba, is to Chair the Committee while the
Commissioner for Education, Dennis Ityavyar, will be the alternate Chairman.

Ityavyar said the rising incidents of student abductions in various parts of the country, which was noted by the state’s security council, prompted the establishment of the committee.

The Commissioner said the Ministry of Education had already compiled comprehensive data of pupils and students in the primary and secondary schools across the state.

He added that the Ministry had also directed the Benue State University (BSU) and other tertiary institutions in the state to immediately update their data and forward the same to it.

Ityavyar said, “We don’t have up-to-date information on tertiary institutions, but we know that it is important for us to do so. We have asked BSU and other tertiary institutions to give us their latest data.

“We do not expect anything to happen in any of our schools because we have been proactive.”

Ityavyar noted that the Committee will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that all schools are safe.

“We are doing something to ensure that we are not taken unawares, but our steps will not be discussed in the media.”

In recent times, there has been an increase in kidnapping across the country, especially in the North, where gunmen invade schools and kidnap students and staff.

In April, three students of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi (FUAM) were abducted by gunmen who invaded the school.

The students, however, regained their freedom after three days in captivity.

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