BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: 49 Hearty Cheers For Apostle Johnson Suleman, God’s Anointed Oracle

In today’s world, not many would want to mess with a fearless man of God. On and off the pulpit he has kept the Word going not minding status or personality. He has dared where many feared and always come out recharged.

Apostle Johnson Suleman to some is mired in controversy but to the millions who interact with him, he is a father and an anointed man of God.

ALEDEH team celebrates this icon of history, Apostle Johnson Suleman, one of Nigeria’s finest preachers. He turns a year older, today, March 24.

Born March 24, 1969, in Edo state, Southern Nigeria, Apostle Suleman rose from a relatively unknown preacher in Edo state to a Senior Pastor of one of the single largest Pentecostal churches in Africa, Omega Fire Ministries, OFM.

A peep into Apostle Suleman’s life as at 49, shows he remains a “fearless preacher in the face of oppression”.

Apostle Suleman’s Academic Background:

Apostle Suleman had his primary and secondary education in Auchi, Edo state, Southern Nigeria. The fiery cleric also attended the University where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. He holds a Doctorate degree in Human Resources Development.

Apostle Suleman’s Early Life:

A few days after Apostle Suleman was born, some Prophets came from Warri to Benin (the place of his birth) with a message from God. When his parents desired to know what the message was, they said God told them “a prophet who would minister in God’s presence has been born. His parents refused to listen further because they were Muslims and did not see the possibility of their son leaving their fold. As the young Johnson began to grow, his parents noticed that he was a bit strange in the way he did his things. He had a soft spot for the things of God, even while he was going to the mosque with his father; he knew he was not on the right path. He was in Auchi his hometown for his secondary education and encountered Christ.

He returned to Benin where he finally reconnected with destiny. He started moving out with the brethren for evangelism and prayers.

Apostle Suleman had had a revelation June 20, 1994; in the revelation, the image of the globe was given to him with Acts 10:38 written on it. Prior to this time, he had read through the entire Bible three times because his thirst for God was insatiable but all through his study, he had not given special attention to Acts 10:38.

The fiery cleric was so shocked when he recovered from the vision and checked out what the scriptures reveal. “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him” — Acts 10:38.  That was when he understood the Mandate given to him by God to take the gospel around the world with a Power Ministry, a brief bio of the clergyman posted on his church official website read.

Apostle Suleman’s Level of Selflessness:

Apostle Suleman has invested greatly in his youths. He is a renowned international conference and seminar speaker using the experiences and challenges of his daily living to empower others.

The clergyman has two hundred and twelve (212) widows in his church and he pays them salary every month. 25% of the singers in his church he pays their fees, their rents, give them pocket money. Apostle Suleman has eight hundred and six (806) people on scholarship.

He has supplied aid equipment to hospitals around. The Apostle told ALEDEH in an exclusive interview that he “called young men in our church who are graduates but don’t have jobs, I tell them ‘tell me what you can do’ and a handful of them came, they told me what they could do and we gave them money to go do it”.

Apostle Suleman is one dynamic pastor that has a love for the poor and ready to offer genuine mentorship to young pastors that want to learn from his grace, this attribute the clergyman showed when ALEDEH crew recently paid a visit to his Lagos headquarters.

Apostle Suleman and Omega Fire Ministries:

Before Apostle Suleman established his church, Omega Fire Ministries, he was an assistant pastor with Armor of God Church in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial in 1998. Apostle Suleman established Omega Fire Ministries worldwide in 2004.

Omega Fire Ministries has a presence in fifty-six (56) nations in the world and a strong presence in Africa and some parts of Asia; actually five continents.

Apostle Suleman told ALEDEH in an exclusive interview that the ” strength of Omega Fire Ministries is God giving us a crop of pastors who have the passion to run the segment so I cannot say or ascribe the growth or the results that we see to me, my calling or my anointing. It’s teamwork and God has been faithful”.

Apostle Suleman and Omega Celebration TV:

Celebration TV owned by Omega Fire Ministries is Viewsat, Viewsat covers Africa, The TV is on Galaxy. Galaxy covers Canada and some parts of America. The TV is on ASIA SAT that covers Asia, the Middle East. Celebration TV is run by Apostle Suleman. The clergyman told ALEDEH that the television is “four years and few months old and the acceptance is massive”.

The Apostle told ALEDEH in an exclusive interview that “we do have an online presence but we have not really developed it much. We have over 50,000 subscribers already but I think we can do more than that but our focus has always been television because in our journalism days there were no online operations so it was just TV and radio, that’s what we studied for but presently we are working on how to improve it”.

Apostle Suleman’s 2018 prophecies:

New Year Day Apostle Suleman released fifty (50) prophecies, the Apostle told ALEDEH in an exclusive interview that “we had a prophetic word for South Africa, I saw the former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma being disgraced and humiliated. It came like that and I put it like that and two months after the prophecy he resigned. That was God’s word, actually last month we had seven of the prophecies coming to pass back to back, we have had like 15 of them fulfilled back to back”.

Apostle Suleman’s Marital Life:

Apostle Johnson Suleman, Senior Pastor, Omega Fire Ministries and his wife, Dr Lizzy Suleman.

Apostle Suleman is happily married to Pastor Lizzy Suleman, and they are blessed with children together.

Happy 49th  birthday Apostle Johnson Suleman…from ALEDEH Media Network



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