Bolivian President Resigns

President of Bolivia, Evo Morales has announced his resignation following protests since the disputed election that gave him a new term.

Morales tendered his resignation, after calls by the commander of the Bolivian armed forces, Williams Kaliman, who urged him to step down.

“After analysing the internal conflict situation, we ask the president of the state to renounce his presidential mandate, allowing for peace to be restored and the maintenance of stability for the good of Bolivia,” Kaliman had said.

In a televised address, Morales expressed hope that the uproar and unrest across Bolivia would cease on Sunday evening.

“My fight will continue, but I have an obligation to try to secure peace.

Bolivian President Resigns

“It hurts that Bolivians are fighting with one another and it hurts that civil committees and leaders that have lost (in the election) are resorting to violence and confrontation among Bolivians.

“For this and many other reasons, I am resigning and sending my letter of resignation to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

“I want to tell you, brothers and sisters, that the fight does not end here. The poor, the social movements, will continue in this fight for equality and peace,” he said.

Protests in the country have been ongoing since 20 October after Morales secured a fourth term by a narrow margin. However, the opposition called for a recount.

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