Book Launch: ‘To Serve Nigeria Is Not By Force’ By Osiriame Edeipo


As part of efforts to solve Nigeria’s problem, the first step is to practically identify the root causes.

An Author, Osiriame Edeipo, made this known in his book titled “To Serve Nigeria Is Not By Force”.

Edeipo identified the problems of the country as the sorry state of electricity in Nigeria; terrible state of our roads, railways, airports, and seaports; inefficiency of our security operatives and our obsolete correction system; terrible hunger within our shores; cutthroat activities of government officials in charge of numerous items we justly import; greed, wickedness, and foolishness that one can readily see amongst our political class, among others.

The author while stating that he has provided ingenious solutions to the challenges in the book, encouraged Nigerians to read it, get inspired, and be determined to make a positive impact on the nation.

The book which is made up of a total of 224 pages, also comes with an Audio CD version which was voiced by the author himself.

He, therefore, enjoined Nigerians to join in the launching of the book via Zoom on the 16th of May 2021.

Link to book launch registration: https://www.oasispublishers.com/webinar/
Link for book order: http://www.oasispublishers.com

Direct Enquire: +2348082030000
Twitter handle of Author: @edeipo_osiriame

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