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Buhari Hails Nigerian Student In Japan For Returning Lost Wallet

President Muhammadu Buhari has extolled the virtues of a Nigerian Ph.D student in Japan for returning a wallet he found while shopping.

Ikenna Nweke, a doctorate student of the University of Tsukuba Japan said he found a wallet, loaded with cash and other valuables while he was shopping in a groceries store. He said he headed to the Police station to report the lost wallet and was quizzed about why he chose not to take the money in the wallet.

Nweke said; “I told them I was raised by a decent family and my faith as a Christian forbade me from taking anything that doesn’t belong to me. The Police Officer took my details and told me my rights as someone who found lost money. He told me I was entitled to 10% of the money, and said if the owner of the money doesn’t come to pick the money in three months, the whole money will be mine. Both offers were rejected by me. I rejected them because I’m a Christian and was raised in a decent family. I rejected both offers because I’m a Nigerian. In Nigeria, we are selfless, known for dedication, known for honesty and good virtues. When I rejected both offers, they took everything about me and I went home,”

He further revealed that the owner of the wallet has reached him and appreciated his gesture while the Japanese Police have also thanked him for his good behaviour.

Buhari, hailing the young man said his action has done greatly in “projecting the values of honesty, integrity and contentment that should be the hallmark of a people.”

The president said good virtues and propriety are the hallmark of every culture in Nigeria, while crimes and criminalities are exceptions.

“The president believes Nweke’s behaviour, coming at a period that the country needs a positive spotlight and close-up on its real values, clearly signposts what should hold the nation together, inspired by solid foundations laid by most families, religious bodies and communities for success in life,” the statement said.

Recall that the Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission had also previously hailed the doctorate student for his kind gesture and for portraying the Nigerian image in good light.

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