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Celebrating Adams Abakakka, Veteran Broadcast Journalist Of Over 30 Years

Adams Abakakka is a broadcast journalist and cinematographer of repute. He currently works with foremost Nigerian television station, Television Continental (TVC).

In celebration of his over 30 years in broadcast journalism, Ola Awakan had an interview with Abakakka and he gave details of his sojourn of more than three decades, its pros and cons and how he got into the profession.

He said his passion for the arts grew after seeing a short drama when he was younger, and that changed his ambition from trying to study accounting to settling for studying Theatre Arts.

Abakakka, who worked with NTA for five years before going back to school described the role of a journalist to the society as being weightier than a politician’s, because of the ‘middle men’ role journalists play between the people and their leaders. Speaking further, he said journalists are expected to deliver timeliness, accuracy and the truth at all times as those are the frameworks of a good news.

He also spoke about having to work on reports that contradict the interest of his principal. Abakakka said he stays professional in his conduct and will tell the truth, without burning bridges or straining any existent relationships.

On feeling fulfilled, he said; “I’m fulfilled. I’m a contented man. The life of a journalist is like warfare. You’re on the war front and nobody sees you. I cover the Lagos State government but the governor has met with the other frontliners, except us. Although he appreciates us. We want him to meet us. Give awards for the job done, so in 10 years to come, we can have something to point to.”


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