Coronavirus Particles Can Stay Longer In The Air Than Previously Thought, Scientists Caution

Coronavirus particles can stay longer in the air than first thought, according to a group of researchers in Finland.

According to Sky News, scientists in Finland have released a 3D model showing how coronavirus is transported through extremely small airborne aerosol particles when a person coughs, sneezes or talks.

The researchers have said said their findings “emphasise the importance of avoiding busy indoor spaces” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A scenario where a COVID-19 infected person walks through a narrow walkway was made. The patient then sneezes and the particle of the Coronavirus is found to hang around several surfaces and that environment for as long as 6 minutes.

“Someone infected by the coronavirus can cough and walk away but then leave behind extremely small aerosol particles carrying the coronavirus,” said Ville Vuorinen, assistant professor at Aalto University in Finland.

In the study, the researchers modeled airborne particles smaller than 20micrometres.

For dry coughs, which is symptomatic of COVID-19, the particle size is typically less than 15 micrometres.

Jussi Sane, chief specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, said the results of the study highlight the importance of people staying at home if they feel unwell and maintaining “physical distance with everyone”.






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