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Dubai Prosecutes Hushpuppi For Multiple Fraud Charges

Famous Instagram personality, Raymond Abass Igbalode (Hushpuppi) is being prosecuted in Dubai for multiple fraud charges.

Hushpuppi was arrested alongside 12 others in his circle. According to Dubai Police, they’ve been engaging in Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, and have also been fraudulently obtaining money and cars from unsuspecting citizens.

Hushpuppi, 38 is being prosecuted by the Bur Dubai section.

The prosecutors have charged him for “obtaining money from others through fraudulent means.”

“They would send out letters from email addresses almost identical to those of legitimate companies, targeting customers of these companies, with the purpose of diverting payments to themselves,” said a senior prosecutor.

“Initial information includes that he was part of this gang which fraudulently obtained cash and cars from people.

“His statement was taken by prosecution but this is just the beginning of prosecution investigations.”

Hushpuppi is also wanted in Europe and the United States for fraud charges.

He shows off his fleet of cars and designer wears on Instagram on a regular basis and has over 2million followers on Instagram.

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