Entertainers Unite To Save Nigeria By Dabyna Poll-Abraham

Dear Comrade, peace be unto you.

How are you, family and business?

You are one of the most successful entertainers in Nigeria and one with genuine content.

When I had an accident in 2014, I reached out and you could not help me, thank God I survived. I did not hold it against you but still celebrate you even though you do not take or make recognition of me.

That was me, one man, this time I am reaching out to you on behalf of you, your children, their children, your people and your country.

Nigeria is falling fast and all these investments and hard work may soon come to ruin if we do not act fast. You have a platform, you have the voice and gift. One man can be silenced but not many men.

A write up will be read by only a few, a speach will be heard by only a few, but a song and cry from legends will be heard by all whether they wish to or not.

Many of us entertainers grew up in many once beautiful parts of Nigeria, especially Jos or had a taste of jos; Asa, Desmond Elliot, The Amatas, Ice Prince, Jerymiah Gyang, Tu Baba, Mikel, Ahmed Musa, Psquare, MI, Dabyna, and so many stars in different parts of our entertainment industry and we knew what it use to be.

We grew up in Nigeria and knew what it use to be. We can no longer pretend the country is not falling apart, not until it hits our door steps.

Evil persist when good people refuse to act, especially good people with our platforms. We need to come together in one voice, sentiments aside, factions, team, colours, base, clicks, quarrels, tribes, age, rage, region and religion aside and cry out with one voice, one song and one image for the redemption of this country.

There is dirth and death upon this country. Those who celebrate you will soon turn against you, the poor, your fans etc when it becomes full blown. It is dangerous and unwise to be rich and famous in a society with poor and angry people. For even the dog that gets too hungry will eat up its master’s hen, child or even the master. Wisdom is profitable to direct, especially when evil seems inevitable.

It is time to give back, not just money but your platform for those without voices. It is time to speak the truth so that all your lifes’ work and worth will not be ruined or go in vain. There is a storm coming that will affect all; poor, average, rich, famous, unguarded, protected etc. Only those God protects can escape it. Nonetheless, we still have a window to stop it from manifesting if we do what is right.

Money, fame and fortune are worth it only when you can enjoy it and share it. If you can take the first flight out of Nigeria when things get messy, how much of you can you carry along in 22kg baggage limit? what about your families, relatives, friends, million naira cars, mansions, investments etc?

The rate of avoidable deaths are way too much and their bloods are crying to God and whatsoever they placed their beliefs on. The same God that gave us the voice, talent and platforms to excell and become relevant to society. The millions you are paid for gigs, movie roles, endorememts and performances were gotten from their blood and sweat despite its your fees.

2019 approaches and many will be given and offered more for unrighteousness sake. Blood money does not only currupt the hand that giveth but also the hand that taketh.

I resigned as a productive and comfortable young engineer to pursue music after my first exploration and oil spillage cleaning tour of the Niger delta with my boss exactly two decades ago. My conscience could not stand the dirth and pollution in that region and the thought of being paid blood money, yet i have never contemplated violence, arm resistance or confrontation because it is not the way, and will only make the wicked richer and kill more poor and innocent citizens. All I have tried to do is sing it in my songs the radio will not play because I was not wise enough to give them what they wanted before the message.

Photo Source: Pulseng

Now they all know me and no matter how I twist it or cover up they know where I am going and for fear of loosing their jobs, affiliations and ratings will not play those songs and not just mine. so I only have a limited platform that can reach you, but you are privileged to have the platforms that can reach Nigerians and the world.

Its time to act and act righteously, not violently, but wisely and meaningfully.

Please my brothers, my sisters, you are highly respected and valued by your people and Nigeria. Gather like minds, not on tribal, religious or any other sentimental grounds becuase that is never our calling as entertainers (we entertain all and sundry) but on a peaceful neutral position for a peaceful resolution to the Core of our problems without hiding the facts.

I have written you this day because my spirit will not allow me to sleep after giving me this message to you. And not only you it has been given but to others like you also around Africa. Because a victory for Nigeria is a victory for Africa. We can close our eyes tomorrow and wake up in a bloody civil war, bloody coup d’etat, a real genocide and not the make believe we are already witnessing etc. if we refuse to act. How many African countries can take refugees from Nigeria, when the population of Lagosians alone are more than the population of about three neighbouring countries.

If we fail to act now, then when its too late, we would have lost our voices and platforms to affect any meaningful change. Becuase then, we will only be looking for how to survive. Now is the time to act.

Our government is failing not because we have always had bad people in governance, but due to a faulty and currupt political soil that can currupt anybody that goes in there, try to plant good seeds and does not run out on time, even a saint will not be spared he contagious nature of our political disease. Our politicians are Nigerians and we are nationally suffering from a moral political, humanitarian and management deficit.

If saving Nigeria is all you have worked hard for as an; artist, actor, comedian, entertainer, it will be a worthwhile achievement that will transcend generations.


I pray God guide and guard you as you consider this divine auction to function as a patriot of our great nation Nigeria and child of God, to do what is needful and right to humanity, even at this dying state of our national existence.

Thank you for your time.

We can have progressively productive change without BLOODSHED. If not, I would have spoken otherwise.

Isaac D.O Poll-Abraham, Born an American Nigerian, a patriot, a humanitarian and most importantly, a child of God.

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