Environment: See 11-Year Old Girl Working To Ensure A Cleaner Lagos

Young ‘Miss Environment’, Misimi Isimi is an environmental activist that is concerned about Lagos, and its litters.  She has taken it upon herself to ensure Lagos is cleaner, teaching younger kids ways to be environmentally disciplined, and responsible.

Misimi was featured on BBC Minute, picking litters on streets, in her bid to ensure a cleaner Lagos. She expressed her frustrations at the environmental irresponsibility shown by adults in Nigeria’s commercial capital.

”There is no such thing as waste. Waste is something that can be reduced, reused, and recycled.

Adults are not environmentally responsible. I am someone who loves to teach kids from their tender ages about how to keep their environments clean.”

Also a gender equality advocate, Misimi has been featured in several lists, and rankings of high flying Nigerian, and African kids.

She started her environmental activism at 8, and has been encouraged by her parents in her pursuit of a better, and safer environment. Her mum is the organiser of ‘Miss Environment’ International’ while her father is the CEO of Transclean Limited( a company with a zero tolerance for an environment filled with filth).

Misimi, at the age of 9 used her knowledge of Martial Arts to talk to kids like her on violence against the girl-child. She also partnered with the Jaf Foundation on the ”girl child flow” where they had a sensitization walk. Sanitary pads were distributed to underprivileged  girls in public secondary schools.

She also founded a club, Eco-kids Green Club where she organises programmes, and teaches ways on how to maintain a sustainable, and healthy lifestyle by going green. General environmental protection is also taught in the club.

Misimi holds many Ambassadorial positions across Africa, and has been recognised on many occasions for her efforts towards making her environment a better, and healthier one despite her age.



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