Everything In Nigeria Will Kill You By Nkem Jennifer Oganah-Ike

This title is adapted from a book “EVERYTHING IN NIGERIA IS GOING TO KILL YOU” by Ayo Sogunro. The author is simply highlighting what he went through in Nigeria and how much he suffered, he also took his time to explain the many ways an average Nigeria man can die if he sits down and waits for showers of blessings to fall on him like manna from the heavens.

Let me get to the main point of this article. I am an 18-year-old Nigerian living in Nigeria, I have been so naïve enough to believe that in this span of my life I have lived here that Nigeria would get better, improve and that the Politicians would put their people before their stomachs. Well, I thank GOD that I am naïve no more.

I am a patriot, yes but because I am patriotic does not mean that I should defend evil, I refuse to do so. Neither does this mean that I should remain in my country and only pray for the betterment of it. I refuse to limit my thinking to a common Nigerian man because a common Nigerian man will never be heard of outside Nigeria and I do not wish that for myself or for my fellow Nigerians.

We preach “Change, Change” we say “Change is the only constant thing” but the only change I see is the increased population soon turning into a stampede of chaos, an economy worsening and worsening without hope, mourning, and mourning not because of want but of need. The necessity is overbearing and has become disgusting encroaching like cockroaches in a pot of soup.

We’re all looking for a change right? Yes, but we are looking for it in the wrong places. We know what happens to our taxes, our salaries, our struggles, and our entitlements but we look away. We have formed a “Na me suffer pass” mentality and it has become so sickening that we like to suffer in this country but I will not be a part of such madness.

If you are where you are and you don’t like the way things are going then leave, if you cannot do anything at that moment go and gather your strength and identify your weakness and come back and redirect your world. In other words, if you are in Nigeria and have an opportunity (legally) to leave then do so, equip yourself well and then come back when you have done so, so that you can help your brothers and sisters.

Nigerian Flag

Leaving your country is not unpatriotic, migrating to another country is not unpatriotic, and speaking the truth about your country and your country people is not unpatriotic.

You owe yourself the benefit of the doubt, better your life because it is your own and not mine.

Yes, in this country, our parents and family members have so much influence over us but know your boundary. Sometimes they want us to believe things that are not true just to put us in check, play along, but know that you have a mind of your own and no one can influence that unless you let them. Address yourself and make a decision, make that decision today, because I have made mine. After which you start planning and secure your future, no one needs to know what you’re doing because anyone can manipulate the situation. If this is done then your life will be filled with regrets, this makes life unbearable and then suicide comes in.

EVERYTHING IN NIGERIA WILL KILL YOU IF YOU LET IT. But in the end, we realise that only we can kill ourselves with what we allow.

The people who take what they shouldn’t and use it for what it shouldn’t be used for ignoring the fact that thousands and millions are dying and suffering because of this will never find peace until the needful is done. Even afterwards there are still consequences.

There is hope for this fallen nation, for even if the heartbeat falls, it never stops.
Nigeria is not the African giant but the Nigerians are the giants of Africa.

***The author, Nkem Jennifer Oganah-Ike, contributed this article via [email protected]

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